TamStat - Taming Statistics

Taming Statistics with TamStat

TamStat is a statistical package written in Dyalog APL. What distinguishes it from other statistical programs such as R, Minitab and Excel are its natural use of arrays, operators and namespaces.

Why another Statistical Program?

Many students are confused by the sheer number of statistical functions. R has four functions for each statistical distribution, while Excel has six functions for the t-distribution alone. TamStat attempts to alleviate this problem by having only one function for each distribution. In TamStat there are four basic classes of functions: summary functions, distribution functions, relational functions and logical functions. What is unique about TamStat is the introduction of operators which combine functions in different ways to calculate probabilities, critical values and confidence intervals, perform various hypothesis tests, do simulations and conduct advanced operations such as regression, anova, goodness-of-fit tests and tests of independence.

TamStat is appropriate for use by both beginning and advanced students of statistics. There are two versions of TamStat: A standalone app with a user interface for students and a workspace for Dyalog APL users. Soon TamStat will be available as a Tatin package.


Anova Wizard: Marriage only between man and woman?
Anova Wizard

Marriage only between man and woman? Comparing survey responses to the question: "Marriage should be strictly between one man and one woman".
1=Strongly Disagree, 3=Neutral, 5=Strongly Agree

>Confidence Interval Wizard: estimate mean height
Confidence Interval Wizard

Estimate mean heightEstimates mean height from a sample of 38 students at various confidence levels.

Probability Wizard: Female and a Democrat?
Probability Wizard

Female and a Democrat?Probability that a randomly selected student is both female and a Democrat

Bayes Wizard: Probability of having cancers
Bayes Wizard

Probability of having cancer The probability that a person has cancer is 3%. A certain test will detect cancer 90% of the time; however , there is a 2% chance of a false positive result. If the test is positive, what is the probability that the person actually has cancer?

Distribution Wizard: Probability of weight > 150 lbs.
Distribution Wizard

Probability of weight > 150 lbs.Probability that a person weighs over 150 lbs. given a population mean of 120 and a standard deviation of 25 lbs.

Regression Wizard: Height -> ShoeSize
Regression Wizard

Height ->ShoeSizeHow well can we estimate a student's ShoeSize from his Height?

ChiSquare Wizard: Party affiliation & sex
ChiSquare Wizard

Party affiliation & sexIs party affiliation independent of a person's sex?

Hypothesis Wizard: Average adult height < 70 inches?
Hypothesis Wizard

Average adult height < 70 inches? Is the claim that the average adult height is below 70 inches valid?

Sample Size Wizard: Minimum sample size
SampleSize Wizard

Minimum sample size What minimum sample size do we need to be within a 3% margin of error?

TamStat Videos

TamStat has been presented at several Dyalog APL User conferences. Here are some of the videos.

Note: clicking any video will open a new window and show the video there.

Statistical Libraries for Dyalog

Statistical Libraries for Dyalog

Josh David - Dyalog
Extending the Domain of the Probability Operator in TamStat

Extending the Domain of the Probability Operator in TamStat

Stephen Mansour - Carlisle Group and University of Scranton
TamStat 2019

TamStat 2019

Rich Park - Dyalog Ltd.
TamStat 2019 - Technical Update

TamStat 2019 - Technical Update

Michael Baas - Dyalog Ltd.
Taming Statistics with TamStat

Taming Statistics with TamStat

Stephen Mansour - Carlisle Group and University of Scranton
New Features in TamStat

New Features in TamStat

Stephen Mansour - Carlisle Group and University of Scranton
TamStat, a Statistical Package

TamStat, a Statistical Package

Steve Mansour, The Carlisle Group and University of Scranton (U.S.A.) & Jerry Brennan, Jerry M Brennan PhD Inc (U.S.A.)
Taming Statistics with Limited-Domain Operators

Taming Statistics with Limited-Domain Operators

Stephen Mansour - Carlisle Group and University of Scranton

Papers on TamStat

Download TamStat


Download and execute



Installation on Mac:

1. Please download and install Dyalog APL 19.0 from Dyalog (free download, no registration required)
2. Download TamStat-Mac-v1.6.12.tgz and extract it where it fits.
3. Finally: open the TamStat folder and execute the tamstat script to run TamStat.


The manual is included with the downloads of the application and can be accessed through the "Help" menu.
It can also be downloaded separately in PDF format.
A hardcopy version is available from lulu.

General inquiries

Stephen Mansour, Ph.D. (Bio)




For any questions or issues with TamStat, please contact support@tamstat.com.

Stephen Mansour, Ph.D.

Dr. Stephen Mansour

Creator of TamStat

Scranton, PA, USA




Lehigh University
2005 - 2012

Ph.D. Industrial Engineering

Union College
1989 - 1992

M.S. Applied Statistics and Operations Research

University of California at Berkeley
1980 - 1981

B.A. Mathematics

Awards, Interests and Hobbies

Who''s Who Lifetime Achievement Award

Duplicate Bridge - Silver Life Master

Barbershop Quartet Singing - Tenor


Work Experience

Adjunct Professor / Misericordia University
August 2021 - Current


Adjunct Professor / University of Scranton
July 2008 - October 2021

Statistics, Mathematics, Management Science

Software Developer / Carlisle Group, Inc.
Sept 1996 - May 2008

Developed Mortgage Cash Flow and Portfolio Optimization Models.

Computer Programmer / Security APL, Inc.
Oct 1994 - Aug 1996

Developed BILLVUE Billing System

Programmer/Engineer / IBM Corporation
March 1982 - August 1994

Developed Reliability Software (ALORS2). Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Yeoman First Class / U.S. Coast Guard
Oct 1972 - Mar 1980

14th Coast Guard District, Honolulu, HI; USCGC BLACKHAW, San Francisco, CA; Group San Francisco